SMUG Class Readings 2-16-08

Here are highlights from the past week at Social Media University, Global.

  • Social Media 104: Intro to Social Networking provides an overview of social networking and why sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are such powerful tools and so important to understand.
  • The Microsoft Office Live article on social networking for which I was interviewed, which is part of SMUG’s required readings as Social Media 201: 10 Tips for Promoting Your Business Through Social Networks
  • In addition to required readings, part of SMUG’s curriculum is available via podcast. This week we have MindComet’s Internet Marketing VooDoo podcast, for which I was interviewed about Facebook.
  • During that interview was born the idea for Facebook 202, the SMUG $100 Facebook Hacker Challenge. As that post explains, your assignment as a SMUG student is to attempt to get into the secret Facebook group I created to test the security of Facebook for having confidential business discussions. If you’re successful, you not only will be getting a tuition-free education from SMUG, but you’ll also earn $100 or $200 and status as a SMUG Teaching Assistant.
  • Finally, in addition to free online education, SMUG now offers in-person classes through the SMUG Extension Service. Or if you want to arrange a campus visit to Old Main, we’re happy to accommodate that, too.

To join the 33 members of our SMUG student body, visit here.

Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 14. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. By day I'm the Director of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. Whatever I say here is my personal opinion, and doesn't reflect the positions of my employer.

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