Guest Lecturer: David Allen on GTD

As I mentioned in this post, David Allen’s work with GTD was a major focus of the content here in the pre-SMUG days. Through this video, I’ve invited David to be a guest lecturer for the SMUGgles, giving an overview of his GTD methods and how and why they work. (Well, in reality, Google invited … Continue reading “Guest Lecturer: David Allen on GTD”

Back in the GTD Saddle

The last several months have been a whirlwind, culminating (at least to this point) with the Feb. 10 launch of our member community site for the Social Media Health Network, which is associated with our new Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. We’ve also now completed our staffing for the Center, and of course that … Continue reading “Back in the GTD Saddle”

Yammer 108: More Yammer GTD

The David Allen Getting Things Done (GTD) workflow is an excellent model for maintaining your sanity in the midst of the daily onslaught of “stuff” that comes your way, demanding your attention. The five basic steps of GTD are: Collect Process Organize Review Do Yammer, or a tool like it, can be particularly helpful in … Continue reading “Yammer 108: More Yammer GTD”

Yammer 104: Yammer as GTD General Reference File

In this post I wrote about how a blog can be the ultimate personal electronic “general reference” filing system that is consistent with David Allen’s Getting Things Done, or GTD, approach to life organization. I still think a blog can be useful for general reference. I often use the SMUG blog in that way. I … Continue reading “Yammer 104: Yammer as GTD General Reference File”