Jeff Jarvis on “The myth of the creative class”

I’ve been a little quiet for the last couple of days, as I’ve dived back into work after a five-day family trip. I’ve been learning some really interesting things that will revolutionize SMUGs teaching methods, and look forward to implementing some of this. I’ll have a post demonstrating this soon. But meanwhile, here’s a good … Continue reading “Jeff Jarvis on “The myth of the creative class””

A Note to Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine

I tried to leave a comment on this excellent post from Jeff Jarvis on Buzz Machine. For some reason I got an error message the first time I posted, and then got a duplicate comment warning when I tried again. Jeff had taken issue with Brian Williams’ approach to interactivity on the NBC Nightly News … Continue reading “A Note to Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine”

A SMUG Decade

Ten years ago today, I published three posts on a new blog that I called Lines from Lee. I had no idea where it would lead me. So it’s fitting that I’m starting this post in the KLM Lounge at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, as I have a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee … Continue reading “A SMUG Decade”

SMUG Textbooks

Despite the decidedly social media nature of SMUG (“social media” is part of our name, after all), I’m still a big believer in books. They enable authors to make an extended argument and deal with a topic in more depth than the blog format allows. I’ve written several book reviews here on SMUG, but it’s … Continue reading “SMUG Textbooks”

Blog Council Names Dell’s Bob Pearson President

I received a note from Andy Sernovitz yesterday, about an exciting new development with the Blog Council, an organization of large business organizations (and not-for-profits like Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente) that are engaged in social media. Bob Pearson — former vice president of Communities and Conversations at Dell — is joining us as President … Continue reading “Blog Council Names Dell’s Bob Pearson President”