Of Lawn Care and Poop Transplants

One of the keys to health Dr. William Davis emphasizes in Undoctored is using probiotics and prebiotic fiber to cultivate healthy bowel flora. He says one of the significant sources of our health problems is that the good bacteria are disrupted, sometimes by a course of antibiotics but for other reasons as well, and as … Continue reading “Of Lawn Care and Poop Transplants”

Personalizing the Passion: Social Media, Transplant and Organ Donation

I’m in St. Louis this afternoon for the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations‘ annual meeting. If you want to see what anyone is saying about this in Twitter, use the #aopo hashtag. Personalizing the Passion View more presentations from Lee Aase. Here are some other links participants might find helpful: Scott Meis and his blog, … Continue reading “Personalizing the Passion: Social Media, Transplant and Organ Donation”

Blogging 401: LifeSource Blog on Organ Donation, Transplant

As Chancellor of Social Media University, Global I enjoy getting to do Extension Classes, on-site presentations with organizations interested in getting involved in social media. I did one of these in May with LifeSource, the organ procurement organization for the upper midwest. Even more than doing the presentations, though, it’s especially gratifying to see organizations … Continue reading “Blogging 401: LifeSource Blog on Organ Donation, Transplant”

Transplant Games 2008 Highlights

The games haven’t even started yet; today was just the first half-day of registration and setting up our Mayo Clinic booth. I heard some great stories, both from organ recipients and from donor families (as well as some from families in which one member had donated to another) and we uploaded them to the Mayo … Continue reading “Transplant Games 2008 Highlights”