A New Clinic

My wife Lisa and I are working with my close friend and high school classmate, Dr. David Strobel (and his wife Lorene) to help him open a new direct primary care clinic in our hometown of Austin, Minn. early next year.

Dr. Strobel has been a family physician for 30 years and formerly practiced in Austin. We have been developing this concept together since my retirement from Mayo Clinic in August. Our new venture, HELPcare LLC, will provide management and supporting services for Dr. Strobel’s new clinic, which will be called HELPcare Clinic.

Because HELPcare Clinic will use a membership model instead of insurance, costs will be much lower. It also will be a more personal and more effective alternative, providing most of the care most people need for most of their lives, and offering them guidance in ways they can improve their health.

If you would like more information about becoming a Founding Member of HELPcare Clinic, send me an email. When you’re ready, you can reserve your Founding Member spot with a $99 Initiation Fee.

We also offer a HELPcare Clinic Corporate Member program for businesses and nonprofits that can’t afford to provide traditional health insurance for employees. Request information on Corporate Membership.

The website for our new venture, HELPcare.health, will launch Dec. 17. It will provide metabolic health education, community support and coaching not only to patients/members of HELPcare Clinic, but also to others who aren’t able to take advantage of those medical services.

Almost 9 of 10 Americans have at least one marker of metabolic illness. This video explains both the dangers of metabolic syndrome and how HELPcare will support those who want to reverse it:

Finally, here’s a video that explains why I retired from Mayo Clinic to launch this new venture. It describes how Lisa and I made health changes to each lose 50 lbs. and restore our health and how that led to us coaching others to get similar results.

If you’re interested in the education, community and coaching services without a HELPcare Clinic membership, send me an email and I will send you free trial information when the site launches Dec. 17.