My Health Journey contains links to all of my health-related posts, as I have shared what Lisa and I have learned since we became motivated to take control of our health in October 2016.

My top 20 tips post was meant to consolidate some of those key lessons in one place, as opposed to being scattered through dozens of posts.

This page is meant to guide those who are just starting on the journey, with an orderly, workable approach to the problem that is analogous to Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps for financial fitness.

Because this is about changing behaviors and habits (and maybe even breaking addictions), each of the #BodyBabySteps will include several posts. This isn’t just transmitting information, and the changes involved aren’t easy, but the goal is to approach them with solid science and practical wisdom.

On your marks! Get set…

The first three #BodyBabySteps are the Satiety Sandwich

#BodyBabyStep One: Stop Sugar

#BodyBabyStep Two: Seek Satiety

#BodyBabyStep Three: Cut Carbs

#BodyBabyStep Four: Bypass Breakfast & Fast Frequently

#BodyBabyStep Five: Sleep Soundly

#BodyBabyStep Six: Exercise Effectively