Social Media University, Global (SMUG) is a post-secondary educational institution dedicated to providing practical, hands-on training in social media to lifelong learners.

Founded in January 2008, SMUG is world-wide in reach, as its name implies, but is based in an ivy-covered, oak-shrouded 3,400 square-foot facility we fondly call “Old Main.”

Old Main

SMUG is a private college in the sense that it receives no government funding, but is a public university in that it is open to all. We hope you’ll consider enrolling, or that you’ll at least audit a few classes.

Members of our student body are called SMUGgles. Here’s why.

Our Latin motto, Suus non ut Difficile, is translated to English as “It’s not that hard.”

Read more about our university and how to become a SMUGgle:

To read the latest curriculum offerings, click here.

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