GTD Seminar on WebEx, and OmniFocus

I had an opportunity last week to attend a free Webinar featuring David Allen, entitled “Best Kept Secrets for Personal and Team Productivity.”

It focused on a mind-mapping software called Mind Manager, and was sponsored by Mindjet. I haven’t used this type of software, but after the seminar I’m considering it.

You can see the archive of the seminar here.

I’ve been using the Kinkless GTD system for Macintosh, which is a series of Applescripts added on to OmniOutliner Pro that enable me to plan projects step-by-step, but then view action lists by context, so all my calls are together, for instance. Ethan Schoonover (the developer of kGTD) and the Omni Group recently announced development of a new program called OmniFocus which will take what Ethan has hacked together and make elegant, like the other Omni apps.

I’m sure I haven’t begun to use all the great features in OOP. Maybe there is some mind-mapping capability built in to it already, but if not, I hope OmniFocus will have it.

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