Jeanette Gibson (Cisco) Presentation

Here is Cisco’s on-line press room.

Jeanette cited a September 2006 report about the influence of blogs on purchase decisions.

Cisco provides some corporate blogs with approval of the company. Otherwise people can go to Blogger or WordPress to do their own blogs. One example of their Cisco-hosted blogs is the one on High Tech Policy. They want to have at least 3-5 members of a team to ensure that the blog won’t die on the vine. Here is the complete list of Cisco blogs.

Event blogging is an interesting concept, which they have put up for two weeks around an event. The limited time frame is appealing to the legal group, and the blog is promoted at the event. I don’t know if I like this idea. It seems like an anti-Long Tail concept, if what goes up there disappears after just a couple of weeks.

Having a blog in the newsroom, on the other hand, seems like a great idea.

Jeanette’s Key Takeaways:

    Include blogs as part of your communications strategy
    Spread workload amongst a team
    Be ready to address risks – have your policy at hand
    Inform and involve your executive team
    Add RSS feeds
    Be yourself and have fun

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  1. It does seem a shame to close a blog within a couple of weeks. I’m proud of seeing older posts of the Web 2.0 conference last year, and Blog Business Summits that I attended almost two years ago that still live on Marqui’s World. Of course, if you fished around, I’m sure smart people would be able to find the ‘dark matter’ of the Cisco event blogs.

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