Non-Annoying Web Video Ad

An oxymoron like congressional ethics, pretty ugly, criminal justice, only choice, original copy or jumbo shrimp?

No, I discovered it when I was reading Janet Johnson’s article on “type-ins.” I clicked through to the CNNMoney article she referenced, and up came the story, complete with one of the Apple computer personification ads with the sound turned off. It gives the opportunity to click to hear the sound, but otherwise it’s just another graphic on the page.

I’ve seen reports that video advertising is going to be big, but I didn’t know how it could work and not do more damage than good. Rule #1 is not to annoy your potential customers. I’ve seen some sites where the video launches automatically, and it can be jarring and annoying when the car dealer’s commercial comes blaring through.

If the ads are visually distinctive as this one is, I can see this might be a way to have a successful and non-annoying web video advertising campaign that isn’t purely viral.

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Author: Lee Aase

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