Shel Holtz: Seminar and Keynote Review

Shel quoted the Edelman Trust Barometer (with some reservations about doing it, given the recent Wal-Mart controversy) saying “A person like me” is the most credible person for companies.

The key to this is authenticity. Organizations with lots of happy customers/patients/employees would be well advised to just help those audiences find the tools they need to communicate, and to encourage them to start talking. If word-of-mouth has been important in the past, it’s on steroids in the blogosphere.

One of the concepts Shel mentioned yesterday but didn’t get into as fully in today’s shorter keynote is “Edge Content.” He particularly called attention to edgeio, which is a distributed alternative to eBay or Craig’s List.

I need to explore this more, but the concept is really neat. Why submit your listing into a common site, when you can put it on your own blog, with a code that notifies outside sites like edgeio?

Another topic I need to explore is The New Media News Release. I think this site will be good for learning.

With the launch of Internet Explorer 7 today (according to Shel), the use of RSS is going to explode. In the Macintosh world, Safari already has incorporated RSS feeds. So do Opera and Firefox. Now RSS is going to be called Web Feeds.

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