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Dan Cooke from Whirlpool presented the case study of this podcast, which is aimed at breaking out of the “sea of white” customers face when they go to buy major appliances.

Whirlpool’s target is the psychographic segment called the “active balancer,” someone who is “time-starved, willing to delegate household chores to others, open to new technology and change, and for whom quality and brand are extremely important.”

One point I think is important here is that they see this as “not as polished as other consumer-facing efforts.” It doesn’t have to be fully produced. These are done as phone interviews, so it’s not CD-quality sound.

This strategy also appealed to Whirlpool’s conservative nature, as it seemed less risky than blogging, because they could control the message.

Results: It has grown from 800 downloads a month in the first quarter to > 30,000 per month.

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