The Downside of Power Windows

My flight home last night on Northwest was mostly uneventful. I wish the same could be said of the drive home from the airport.

On the way from MSP to Austin, I stopped at the McDonald’s in Lakeville, Minn. for some sustenance (since all I got on the flight was a $2 can of Pringle’s.)

MSP to Austin

I rolled down (well, I guess that would be the old-fashioned way of describing it, as you will soon see) my window to pay, and as I pulled away, was met with a surprise. You can see the reenactment below (along with footage of the outside of our home that illustrates the blessings of our small-town life.) The total time for this video is one minute.


The 40 degree ride with the window open (and the car’s heater turned on full blast) lasted about an hour and 10 minutes. As Steve Martin would say, though, it seemed more like three hours and 28 minutes.

If anyone can give me pointers on what the problem with our ’96 Chevrolet Lumina’s power windows might be, I would appreciate it. Is it a fuse? Something more serious? It would be great if I could get this fixed this weekend instead of having to take the car into the shop.

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Author: Lee Aase

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