Three Strikes, and Starbucks’ Podcast is Out


Podonomics has a review of the news that Starbucks is discontinuing its podcast after only three episodes.

Among the problems cited: Boring topics delivered without energy, obvious reading from a script, distracting music and a infomercial flavor.

After outlining some specific suggestions for how the podcast could have been successful, the author concludes:

Overall, Starbucks’ focus was wrong. They failed because they focused on the coffee bean. They would’ve succeeded had they focused on their best asset – their customers and the stories they would happily tell about their experience with coffee.

Good principles to keep in mind for anyone considering a podcast. It can and should be much longer than what fits in commercial radio, but it’s got to have some life. It doesn’t need to reach even a 1 share, but it needs to have something about it that would be engaging for someone.

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Author: Lee Aase

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  1. That is too bad, but – 7 Minutes with Rex Dixon is still going strong! 🙂 Coffee with Rex Dixon just hasn’t had the time to record another mind opening episode yet!


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