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In my next post I’m going to delve into my experiences with taming the e-mail beast over the last year using Mail ActOn and for Macintosh, but sadly those are no longer available to me. (Thankfully, I still have my Mac, but due to a server upgrade I need to use Entourage instead of…and I really miss Mail ActOn.)

But now, based on some things I just found, and in keeping with the idea that a blog is the ultimate, unlimited searchable general reference filing system, I want to zoom up to today and some things I’ve discovered that I think will be really useful for me…and maybe for some others too.

Yesterday I came across the $10 paper Davidco has available for how to use Entourage for implementing GTD, but this morning may have found something even better. Nik, who has contributed some Applescripts to extend the functionality of Ethan Schoonover’s Kinkless GTD system, has made the jump away from kGTD to using Entourage.

I’m looking forward to seeing what OmniFocus will do, but maybe Nik’s scripts can bring this all into one system that syncs with my Blackberry. That would be sweet.

I also found another article about using Entourage for GTD. I will want to digest that, too.

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Author: Lee Aase

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  1. Lee – the only trouble with David Allen’s system is that there are literally 100s of ways to “get it done”. This can be an awesome way to manage life. But I definitely recommend that you start with baby steps. Implement one facet at a time and stick with it. The trap that’s easy to fall in is that you start with one system, but then see something else you like better. And instead of sticking with system #1, you drop everything and go into development mode on System #2. And then 3 months into system #2 you discover System #3. And then before you know it, your whole life has stopped and you are authoring a blog on the subject!!!

    Anyway, if you are still using Entourage (and this is a very good system to stick with), you might want to check out I’ve posted several scripts there that are designed specifically to help Entourage users implement GTD.

    If you have already moved to kgtd is awesome. And I have tried out a Beta of OmniFocus, which promises to be just as useable as kgtd.

    Good luck!

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