GTD Roadmap: Meeting Morpheus

The Matrix

One of the high points of my last year with GTD was attending the DavidCo Roadmap Seminar in Minneapolis on May 5. I had taken the red pill by just plunging into the GTD system, reading the book and trying to apply it consistently. The book alone is more than adequate to help you make great personal productivity progress, even imperfectly applied. Like Neo in The Matrix, I started to see new ways of doing things, and how to defeat the Agent Smith of procrastination.

Attending the Roadmap would be another great way to start, or to re-energize your application of GTD. Hearing David Allen in person is like meeting Morpheus.

In The Matrix, Neo learned jujitsu and Kung Fu in 10 hours. A day with David at the Roadmap seminar won’t make you a Black Belt in GTD, but it’s still a worthwhile investment.

You can read more about my experience with GTD in the last 51 weeks here. Also, check out the Black Belt Productivity blog. I just discovered it while composing this post. It’s going in the list of feeds I read.

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