Thoughts from the Bulldog Online Measurement Teleconference

In the Bulldog teleconference today I came away with some helpful insights about how to use online monitoring. My earlier post has more of the points I made.

Evan made a really good point that you need to measure things that are in keeping with your goal, and what the desired user response is. For example, if your goal is to influence opinion through an initiative as opposed to selling something, focusing on click-throughs is short-sighted; it gives you numbers that are relatively meaningless.

Angie Jeffrey walked us through a measurement matrix she has developed. You can reach her for a copy of this by email at (I think she will be willing to share this if you ask. Please let her know Lee sent you her way…which would be one way of getting some anecdotal measurement of how many people are taking action based on this post.)

Donna added that setting measurable objectives means we need to define the target audience, what we want them to do, and in what time frame. For example, we want 75 percent of articles in electronics trade publications that mention our company to include at least half of our key brand messages. She also showed her dashboard of key measures, which she uses to share information with TI management.

I would welcome any comments or questions from people who want to have a discussion about this.

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