National Bible Bowl Quote Bee

The National Bible Bowl Quote Bee, which I mentioned in the previous post, is really amazing. It’s only been done for three years, so it’s not as popular as some of the other events. Also, it’s incredibly difficult.

In the National Bible Bowl double-elimination tournament, for example, many of the top contestants have memorized the entire scripture text, which this time is the book of 1 Samuel and the first six chapters of 2 Samuel. That, as I said previously, shows what kids can do when expectations are high and they put their minds to memorization.

But it’s one thing to memorize a large chunk of material, get on a roll, and recite it. It’s quite another to pull a verse out of the middle, solely with the verse reference, and recite it perfectly.

My daughter Ruth, the Franchise Player for our Austin, Minn. team (her brother Joe and sister Rebekah are the other members), saw the Quote Bee as a fun challenge to help her prepare to do even better in the regular competition. She came in first in the Quote Bee at the Ozark Christian College Bible Bowl tournament in June, and we felt she might do pretty well here in Kansas City, too. Her Grandpa, my Dad, was amazed as he quizzed her Monday night in preparation:


The next post will have a video of Tuesday’s competition. Ruthie was disappointed that she went out in the first round, but we’re proud of her that she knows these scripture passages so well that she could participate. And today’s double-elimination team contest went much better: she led Austin to a 3-0 record, so they’re one of only 16 teams remaining, and among the eight that haven’t lost yet.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, this trip to Kansas City has been a real joy, having our four youngest kids and my parents together with us, and watching Ruthie and Joe (with a little help from Rebekah) doing so well. These are all good kids that Ruthie’s gotten to know really well, and so while they all want to do their best, the main point is what they’re learning – and everyone is happy for whoever wins.

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  1. Thanks, Kyle. We had a fantastic time! And thanks for coming over today to help tear down our garage. That’s our next cool YouTube video…coming soon.

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