Twitter Knitter Dinner

I just got back from a blogger dinner with Jim Long and Dennis McDonald. Jeremiah Owyang organized it but wasn’t able to attend. There was this little matter that he had thought he was traveling to the DC area yesterday, but then realized he wasn’t arriving until late tonight. We’ll have more on that, including an interesting video, in the next few hours.

It should be good, because it was shot by Jim, whose day job is as a videographer for NBC News. We had a really good conversation tonight, and Jim showed us his new venture,, which is a social network for what Jim calls the “Twitter Knitters.”

Speaking of Twitter, Jim’s in love with it, and he regularly tweets about what he’s doing at work. Last week he went on a round-the-globe trip with Defense Secretary Gates. I’ll look forward to following his feed…and Dennis‘.
Dennis recently did a post asking whether Facebook is going down the tubes because it’s new openness has wrecked its simplicity. I understand but don’t share his concern because people decide what applications they want in Facebook, customizing it to their needs. He also is concerned that putting too much original material behind Facebook’s walled garden doesn’t make sense: if he’s going to write something, he wants it to be on his blog where anyone can see it. I told him about the application for Facebook, which solves that problem: you can post to the blog for the wide world, and the fact that you’ve done it shows up in your Facebook news feed. Of course, that’s only for, but eventually applications will be written for other blogging platforms.

Thanks to Jeremiah for introducing us. None of us had met each other before, and none of us had met Jeremiah. It’s the power of new media and social networking that got us together for a truly enjoyable discussion tonight.

I see on Twitter that Jeremiah says he’s hung up in Dallas, with his flight delayed due to thunderstorms. A likely story!

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