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In my last post, on Facebook Groups for Organizations, I mentioned that there are three types of free groups in Facebook. An organization may have use for all three types, depending on what it is trying to accomplish.

I thought it would be helpful to list some examples of the groups organizations have formed. After you join Facebook and “friend me” you will be able to go to these groups and see for yourself how the organizations are using them.
Note: I know the links below won’t work for you if you aren’t yet a Facebook member. I think they will work if you are already in Facebook. If I’m wrong in that, let me know in the comments. But whatever the case, if you search for the group names once you’re in Facebook, you should be able to find them.

Some of the “open” groups include:

AAAS – American Academy for the Advancement of Science

Society for New Communications Research

Journalists and Facebook (Poynter Institute)

ACC – The Atlantic Coast Conference (Not an official group)

American College of Physicians

Africans in Medicine

Closed Groups

Association of College & University Housing Officers — International

Cheers for Medical News, which was the subject of this post.

Secret Groups

Now how would I know that? They’re secret! But one good media relations use for a secret Facebook group would be for a no-cost, no-IT required online newsroom, where you place material that is for journalists only – such as embargoed news releases, photos of subject experts, videos, and after-hours contact numbers for media relations staff. That’s something I’m exploring for my work, and I’ll do a post on that soon. If you’re a health journalist and are interested in joining, leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you.

Sponsored Groups

Apple Students (415,000 members)
Microsoft Students (17,000 members)

Fox News Channel

Southwest Airlines

And thanks to Susan Reynolds for her kind words as she presented me one of her “big yellow cow of blogtipping day fame” awards.
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