MySpace Spam from Alla to Zada

I mentioned in an earlier post that all of the friend requests I get in Facebook have been legitimate, while all but one of the friend requests I’ve received in MySpace have been porn spam.

Update: see the bottom of this post for the updated list of MySpace spam friend requests I’ve received.

The most recent MySpace spam came from “Alla,” and when I went to check my MySpace inbox I found there were two others in the last 24 hours, from “Norine” and “Jaymie.” And interestingly, “Alla” is supposedly an 18 year-old male.
MySpace Spam

This week’s Time magazine article on Facebook explains why spam isn’t a real problem there (just like viruses don’t typically affect Macs.) I thought it would be fun and informative to catalog the spam I get in MySpace, and all the invitations I receive from supposedly different people, but that have exactly the same language, in one of these two formats.

“Norine” followed the “Zada” formula:

MySpace Spam

…while “Alla” is more verbose, using the same language as “Jaymie”

MySpace Spam

So, I’m going to update this page periodically with all of the spam come-ons I get in MySpace. It’s this kind of garbage that explains why Facebook will be a place for business and professional networking and information sharing, and why (unless it cleans up its site), MySpace will not.
Here’s the list of MySpace spam so far (at least since I started keeping track):

  • Alla and Alyson (10/29/07) and Anna (1/3/08)
  • Clarice (8/26/07)
  • Esperanza (10/8/07) and Estella (10/26/07) and Evelyn (1/3/08)
  • Gertrude (9/19/07)
  • Ivy
  • Jaymie (and Judy 9/24/07 and Judith 10/14/07 and Jennifer 1/1/08)
  • Karan (and Keeley 11/30/07)
  • Mertie (8/30/07) and Michaela (9/25/07) and Maritza (11/1/07)
  • Norine (and Nisha 9/5/07)
  • Patricia (10/31/07)
  • Ramona (10/13/07)
  • Traci (10/9/07) and Thelma (11/27/07)
  • Vanessa (10/20/07) and Valeria (1/2/08)
  • Zada

Update: the ones listed above were in the original post. As new MySpace porn spam friend requests come in I will add them in appropriate alphabetical order, but with the date of the message.
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2 thoughts on “MySpace Spam from Alla to Zada”

  1. This is a good idea doing the name thing. One thing I have noticed that I didn’t mention on my own blog; the names don’t match anymore. Earlier spam I received, the names would match the gender of the photos. The spam I have received recently is all over the board. I’m pretty sure ‘Adam’ isn’t that incredibly cute blond I’ve seen on three other add requests.

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