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I have a debt to pay, so I need to tell you about a free copywriting seminar.

I wrote in an earlier post about some free book offers, (PDFs and audio files), and how that is a growing trend. I’ll have more reflections on that trend in a related post soon, but first I need to share another of those offers.

I saw another example yesterday on Lee Hopkins’ Better Communication Results blog, via his link from Walter Jennings’ blogroll. I had heard Lee (gotta like the name) previously on the For Immediate Release podcast, where he’s a regular contributor. Walter and I met (sort of) at the Page Society conference in California last week (we actually met via our blogs and Facebook afterwards.)

Free Seminar copywriting
The other Lee had an interesting post about a 10-hour copywriting seminar Trevor Crook formerly offered at $197, but which he is now giving away for free from his web site. I did it and started listening, and as Mr. Hopkins puts it, “Blimey, they’re good!”

All Trevor asks is that you pass the offer along to at least three friends (Oh, and you have to give him your email address, too.) Here’s the suggested text for an email to my friends that he sent with the download link:

What if I did you a favor, something big, something powerful and
proven to help you grow your business which you would usually have
to pay for and instead of paying for it, you simply pay it forward
to 3 more people as full ‘payment’.

You may think there’s a catch.

No, there isn’t. World class copywriter, Trevor Crook gave me his
10 hours of Copywriting Blueprint audios, his proven blueprint for
creating compelling sales copy and letters which he usually sells
for $197.

Trevor gave it to me as a favor because he has started a
revolution to help one million entrepreneurs in the next 30 days
and you and get a brilliant gift to help you get more sales plus
you can help change history at the same time.

You do not have to buy anything. There’s no gimmicks.

Too may people want to ‘take’ in today’s world instead of giving
and this is a recipe for a complete disaster.

When you understand the ‘Laws of Reciprocation’ like I do, you will
understand how much your life will change when you give freely
of yourself without any thoughts of getting anything back in return.

The sound quality on these isn’t great, but the content is really good. In the first session, for example, he focuses on the most important priority for successful sales copywriting, which is honing the offer: developing a compelling value proposition for your potential customers.

He’s putting that tip into practice, offering this seminar at an unbeatable price. Obviously, he’s betting that people who have heard his seminars will want to either engage him as a speaker, consultant or copywriter, or will want to buy some of his other products later.

So, instead of sending this in an email to a few targeted friends, I’m doing like Lee H and linking to it from my blog. I’m also posting it on my Facebook profile.

You may be asking, “Why would I want a teleseminar from a direct mail copywriter?” But that’s just like the problem I’ve been describing with how too many people see social media tools; they fail to think creatively about how Facebook or Twitter or MySpace can help them achieve business goals.

Even if you’re not in the direct marketing business, you’re probably selling your ideas in some way. Take the lessons you learn from Mr. Crook (admittedly not exactly the best name for someone in the mail order sales biz) and see how you can apply the concepts to your situation.

I’m going to continue listening, and hopefully Trevor’s tips will make my blog posts more compelling, too.

You’ll have to let me know whether it’s working, but remember: I’m only on the third lesson.

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