Jott: Phone Blogging

Jott Phone Blogging

Jott is, as I described earlier, a great free service you can use to send yourself (or others) email and text messages. You’re out and about. You hit your Jott speed-dial number on your cell phone. You speak your message, and Jott transcribes your speech reasonably reliably. You get a handy message in your inbox that you can put into your GTD workflow.

Now Jott has announced a bunch of new features, including letting you speak your Twitter tweets (see the example from my test in the graphic above) or your blog posts. You can link your WordPress or Blogger blog to your Jott account, and then when you dial the number and it asks you, “Who do you want to Jott?” you answer “WordPress” instead of “me” and whatever you record is transcribed and posted to your blog.

Here’s what happened when I tried it earlier today. It isn’t perfect, but it does also include a link to the audio file on the Jott site. Maybe it would transcribe better if I wasn’t a Minneso-o-o-o-o-tan.

This has limitations: if you want to include Technorati tags, you need to add those later. There’s also a limit on how long a message can be (it’s longer than Twitter’s 140 characters, but it does cut you off after a few sentences.) I think the post’s title is always the same, too: Jott Blog Post.
But this does further illustrate some of the wonderfulness of Web 2.0. Applications talk to each other. They work together. And they just work. There are WordPress and Twitter applications in Facebook, now there are in Jott, too. Shel Holtz also has a nice Jott review focusing on the Twitter experience.

I think this is a great move for Jott, for search engine rankings if nothing else. When people use Jott to blog, the post includes two links to the domain: one to the main page, and one to the audio file of the post. But obviously the main benefit for Jott is the visibility on blogs; as lots more people will run across it and will give it a try.

Jott phone blog

Why don’t you? It’s free, like everything else you see on this blog.

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Author: Lee Aase

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  1. Yes, a definite great move for jott! Because of Jott links, I’ve resurrected my live journal account! I’ve also started using twitter, which is pretty awesome! Yes oh yes…a GREAT move for Jott.

  2. One of the knocks against blogging is that people start doing it and then don’t keep it up. With tools like Jott, it’s now a lot easier to at least put something there. And the fact that lots of these services work together and update each other means you can update one and have it reflected in others. For example, when I update my WordPress blog, that updates my Facebook profile. So if I Jott to WordPress, I update both my blog and Facebook. Twitter likewise updates Facebook.

  3. Leeaase – You have a good point there. I kinda fall victim! I’ll have month gaps between my myspace blog post, just from pure laziness. So Sherman….we have something in common, I too have started using Live Journal again with jott links. Thanks Jott!

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