Facebook News Feed Primer

This is another installment in the Facebook Business section, which provides background on how Facebook works that is particularly geared for those born before 1982 and who therefore may not be familiar with social networking sites.

Facebook’s News Feed is what you see when you click on the Facebook logo in the upper left corner of the page:

facebook news feed

Facebook’s News Feed gives you a slice of life from your friends, including groups they’ve joined or left, applications they’ve added or deleted, notes or other items they’ve posted, status updates, photos they’ve uploaded or in which they have been tagged, and more.

news feed

The News Feed isn’t exhaustive; depending on the number of friends you have and their activity levels within Facebook, you may only see something like 1 percent of their actions in your News Feed.

But I have found the News Feed exceptionally helpful for learning about neat and new things on Facebook. For instance, through my friend Jeremiah I learned about the Facebook WordPress application because the fact he had added it was in my News Feed.

So what if some of your friends are hyperactive and are overwhelming your News Feed? You can adjust settings for your feed by clicking the “Preferences” link at the top of your News Feed:

news feed preferences

Clicking it brings up this control panel which lets you say “I want to see less from these friends” and “I want to see more from these friends.”

see more

see less

You also can adjust the sliders to see more or less of different story types.

story types

The News Feed is one of the most important ways Facebook connects friends. If you want to be mine, click here.
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