Beginning Blog Migration to Self-Hosted WordPress!

As I tweeted just a few minutes ago, my static IP address from GoDaddy became active tonight (a little over 24 hours into the 1-72 hour window I had been promised.) So I think this is the last post I will be writing on before we move to our new servers. Hopefully within 24-48 hours you’ll be seeing a new look for SMUG.

I’ll be tweeting the progress on the @SMUG_U account and also some on @LeeAase. So if you follow those, or set to follow the #smug or #blogmigration hashtags, you’ll be able to participate vicariously. I expect that I may have questions along the way and will be tweeting them, so if you have tips or answers to offer, I’d appreciate you chiming in.

Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

13 thoughts on “Beginning Blog Migration to Self-Hosted WordPress!”

  1. Hi Lee,

    Well done! I’m checking out the twitter courses right now as I’ve started using it more and need to find the best way to aggregate updates across networks. So I’ll be delving in shortly!

  2. Thanks! You’ll be seeing some other changes soon, and then I will be writing a series of posts about the process. One thing that’s weird is this has me listed as admin instead of my name, but I’ll be getting that fixed. I’ll be adding a few plug-ins tonight, too.

  3. All shiny and new — just like 2009. Chancellor, you’ve once again made the SMUG World seem oh-so-easy to accomplish.

  4. Thanks, Chris and Lisa. It’s kind of cool that this whole thing has taken less than a week, starting from scratch…and that was after a few days of deciding about which web hosting service to use. I look forward to doing the step x step so it will be even easier for other SMUGgles when the time comes for you to migrate.

  5. Looks great Lee! Tried to connect earlier to night while at the East – West BBall game, but Blackberry would not load it because the “entity was too large”. I don’t recall connecting to the old Blog while mobile before, so my experience may not have been any thing new… I’m guessing I’ll see you Tuesday Night at Mankato West. Take Care

  6. I made the change over from to over the long Christmas holiday. I like it much better and the whole layout is changeable. You can do so much more with the site. Good luck…

  7. Thanks, SMUGgles! And Jed, I’m going to add a plug-in that creates a mobile version that doesn’t overwhelm your Blackberry. See you Tuesday in Mankato.

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