Widgetbox Widget Test

I used Widgetbox to develop this widget, which includes feeds from the Mayo Clinic YouTube channel, Twitter account and Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.

I’m currently experimenting with the free trial of the Pro version.

2 thoughts on “Widgetbox Widget Test”

  1. Lee, the widget took a long time (~30 sec) to load for me, but when it finally did, it showed your Twitter feed fine. On the YouTube feed, there was no scroll functionality, so I could only see 1-1/2 videos. The blog feed timed out — I got a “Feed took too long to load” message. Those were my results using FF 3.6.2 on an XP system.

    Trying with IE 8, I got the timeout message for both YouTube and the Blog (but at least there was a scrollbar for YouTube), while Twitter still displayed. Same initial loading time (30+ sec) … that could be caused with my organization’s firewall, though…

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if it isn’t a firewall issue. I would appreciate it if you would try it at home. Does your organizations block YouTube? Maybe that’s part of it?

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