Day Five: Travel to Chengde

We departed Beijing after spending the morning watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals on CCTV and having lunch at another local restaurant. Each of China’s 34 provinces has distinct culinary offerings, and as the capital city Beijing has restaurants that reflect these unique menus.

Picture requestI’ve had several Chinese people come up to me and want to take a picture with me, and that happened again as we left our hotel in Beijing. I’ve decided that from now on I want to reciprocate and ask them to use my camera, too. I don’t know whether it’s being American, or tall, or some combination, but I suppose most Chinese people don’t see someone who looks like me very frequently.

Road to ChengdeThe drive to Chengde was beautiful, with mountainous terrain. We arrived about 5 p.m. at our hotel for the next two nights, Jiahe International Hotel.

This morning’s post is a short one because our lecture this time is at 9 a.m. instead of afternoon. Later we’ll tour the hospital and take a tour of the Summer Palace.

Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

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  1. Hah. Reciprocation in that circumstance seems like a great idea! Makes the experience of getting your photo taken about everyone involved too, so you feel more like a group of new friends.

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