The Case Against Sugar

The first step toward your healthier future is to Eliminate Sugar, which is why it leads my #BodyBabySteps.

I realize it’s a big challenge. Sugar is in everything. Especially “low-fat” processed foods. If you’re going to succeed in cutting it out, you’ll need sufficient motivation.

Dr. Robert Lustig, one of my Health Sherpas, makes a strong case, particularly against fructose.

Investigative science and health journalist Gary Taubes, another of my guides, continues the prosecution in the video below with The Case Against Sugar, a summary and introduction to his book by the same name. It’s well worth your time:

See also Taubes’ talk from the same conference on The Quality of Calories: Competing paradigms of obesity pathogenesis.

Excessive carbohydrates are a problem in our diet generally, but sugar is an extra specially bad type of carb, for the reasons Dr. Lustig and Taubes outline.

You may be surprised, as I was, to find how much sugar is in food and drink you consider “healthy.”

More on that next time.

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Author: Lee Aase

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