National Bible Bowl Tournament

The National Bible Bowl tournament is an amazing event, and I’m blessed to be here at its 43rd incarnation in Kansas City as three of my children are participating as the Austin, Minn. team. Ruthie (15) is the Franchise player, Joe (12) is a solid contributor and Captain, and we have been teasing Rebekah (16) that she’s the “Eye Candy.” She hasn’t done much in Bible Bowl throughout the year because of her basketball and volleyball involvement, but recently has been memorizing lists (e.g. all the men’s names in 2 Samuel 6) that help in answering the bonus questions.

I will have some photos and video later, along with more updates and commentary. I’ll do my best to bring out some observations that have general applicability, but I think most readers will find this interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, it is seriously amazing to see what these kids can do, as you will see. (I haven’t been able to videotape the round robin games, but when they get into double elimination, I might.) You will be astonished at the Quoting Bee, which in some ways makes the National Spelling Bee look elementary.

Second, it provides a window on evangelical Christian kids that’s a lot closer to reality than Jesus Camp. If you want to see a reasonable representation instead of an extreme example, this will give you a more accurate portrayal of serious Christian kids.

Third, you’ll see what kids can accomplish through hard work and study. In too many churches the adults have chickened out, and haven’t set the standards high enough. A century ago, kids were expected to memorize an entire catechism, such as the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Now, all too often to be confirmed they might memorize a handful of verses. Many of these kids at the National Bible Bowl, which is sponsored by the Churches of Christ, can recite all of 1 Samuel and the first six chapters of 2 Samuel from memory.

I’ll be doing some more posts to my blog over the next few days, and also will be Twittering.

Here are the standings of the Round Robin after the first 8 rounds. Three more this morning.

Getting ready to start Round 9 right now.

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The Graduation Speech

As I mentioned earlier, last Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending college graduations for my son, Jake, my brother, Mark, and his wife, April. It was a big day for the Aase family; we’re proud of all of them.

Mark gave one of the student commencement speeches at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minn. He did a great job; none of the platitudes you often hear in graduation speeches, but the straight talk of someone who has had some life experiences, and who has learned from them.


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May 12 is Becoming a Very Special Day

…at least from my perspective. A year ago was one of my most intense and satisfying days from a work perspective, when Jesse and Amy Carlsen’s twin daughters, Abby and Belle, became formerly conjoined.

Yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of that big day, we had a couple of great family events: my brother, Mark, and my son, Jake, both graduated from college, as did my sister-in-law, April.

Mark was selected as one of the student speakers at the Concordia University (St. Paul) commencement at 9:30 a.m., where he and April received their diplomas. Jake’s graduation was at 6 p.m. in LaCrosse.

Our whole family is very proud of all three of them; it’s pretty special to have three family members get college degrees on the same day, and for me to have a brother and son both graduating was a “burst your buttons” event.

I’ll be posting some video from yesterday’s events soon. These last two May 12ths are days I will never forget.

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A Good Reason for a Blogging Pause

Rachel and Sisters

I haven’t been active in this blog for a couple of weeks because of the holidays, and particularly the marriage on Saturday of my firstborn daughter, Rachel. She’s pictured above with two of her bridesmaids, my other daughters Rebekah and Ruth. Her brothers were active, too:

Jake was a groomsman…

Joe was the head usher (shown here escorting my Mom)

and John was a gift carrier (and Dad’s personal attendant).

Here are pictures of the happy couple, and their equally happy and proud Moms and Dads.

Rachel and Kyle Julie Borg and Lisa Aase
Lee Aase and Scott Borg

So, it’s been an all-consuming couple of weeks, and a fantastic end to 2006 (other highlights are here in my first on-line Christmas letter.)

Here’s hoping 2007 is as wonderful for you and yours as 2006 was for the Aase family.

Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful, and to Whom

As I take a long Thanksgiving weekend with family, I thought it would be great to work on my annual Christmas letter and give it a Thanksgiving flavor, because I do have so much for which to be thankful. Then I got an even better idea: why not just put it on my blog, complete with video and photos, and send links to family and friends?

I’ve done several posts on how David Allen’s Getting Things Done has helped me get on top of the “stuff” in my life. GTD (and the ease of blogging) has made it possible for me to get this Thanksgiving/Christmas family newsletter done a few weeks early, instead of a month or more late…or instead of not getting it out at all. (One year, I did a DVD for our 20th anniversary…but the distribution was really limited. Now, I can easily add video with YouTube, as you will see below.)

Because of GTD, instead of procrastinating I asked “What’s the next action?” and wrote this post. Because of, there really isn’t much of a “step two” to this project; I can send emails with the permalink to people in my address book, but the duplicating, addressing, stamping and mailing part of this GTD project is, with only a few exceptions, eliminated. For some folks who I know don’t have easy internet access, I can print this page and mail it the old-fashioned way. They’ll miss the video…but at least they’ll get something, which will be a big improvement over most years.

My top ten blessings are in no particular order, but the biggest news (#1) for our family is my daughter, Rachel, meeting and becoming engaged to Kyle Borg, a young man from Fairmont, Minn.

Rachel and Kyle

They are to be married December 30. Yes, this December 30. We’re very thankful the Lord has brought these two together, even using Facebook as the means for them to meet. Funny what happens when you search for people with a common interest in theology! You can read more about their story here.

With the bittersweet feelings of having my first daughter getting married, it’s (#2) nice that she, her two sisters my 8-year old son still call me “Daddy.” There’s no age better than 8, when little boys still think Daddy knows everything. Johnny turned 8 yesterday, and his next-oldest brother, Joe, turns 12 today. Come to think of it, age 12 is pretty nice too. So are 15, 16, 19 and 20.

Our six children (#3) are doing well in their education. Jacob and Rachel are in college at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Rebekah is having fun and getting all A’s at Austin High School (and excelling at Food Science!) Ruth, after having attended AHS last year as a freshman (and getting all A’s), decided she wanted to come home for another year of homeschooling. Next year she will follow in Rachel and Jake’s footsteps and attend Riverland Community College through Minnesota’s Post-Secondary Employment Options program, which will let her earn her two-year Associate of Arts degree at the same time she graduates from Aase Academy. We’re thankful she has the option to do that. Joe and John also are still homeschooled, and Lisa is enjoying being able to focus on them.

Rebekah getting to play varsity volleyball (#4) and basketball (#5) as a sophomore adds to our fun. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s my favorite volleyball player and we enjoy watching her play. What’s even better is what we found out at the awards banquet: she’s her teammates’ favorite, too.


My job with Mayo Clinic (#6) is next. Given my former career in politics, during which my employment depended on election results, having a job is always something for which I am thankful in November. But I can’t imagine a better and more fulfilling job in media relations than working to help draw attention to Mayo Clinic’s important research and programs, and helping to tell some amazing and heart-warming stories of patients and their families, and the staff members who care for them. The next item is a prime example.

In February I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse and Amy Carlsen and their twin daughters, Abby and Belle. As it seems the whole world knows now, Abby and Belle were no ordinary set of twins, and their parents are special too. It was really rewarding to be part of telling the story of the twins’ separation on May 12 and their successful recovery (#7).

The girls have their first birthday party tomorrow (see the pictures below.) Their story got world-wide attention, with extensive or repeated features by the Star Tribune, NBC’s Dateline and Today, along with scores of stories by all of the TV stations in the Twin Cities. WCCO TV had an update story on the Carlsen family earlier this week, and has posted a still photo slideshow, too.

Carlsen Family Carlsen Twins

As much as I appreciate my job, one of the best parts is it lets me live in my home town (#8), with my brother and his family here and my parents still alive and well, with my in-laws also close (40 miles away) and able to visit. We had our big celebration here yesterday. At the end of the video below, you’ll see my sister-in-law, Sarah, playing hide-and-seek behind a pillar. She must have been thinking that if she couldn’t see me, I couldn’t see her.


Besides card-playing and gorging on a cornucopia of cholesterol-laden dishes, I also was challenged to a game of ping pong by Rebekah. The end of the video below from her follow-up game with Joe gives more insight into why she’s so fun to tease. Be sure to watch the slow-motion at the end.


Lisa (#9, but again we’re not going in order of importance!), is my bride of 21 years, 11 months and two days. In some ways, as Steve Martin would say, it seems like it has just been two years, five months and 17 days…but in others, it seems I’ve known her forever. We met 25 years ago last month, when we were freshmen at Waldorf College. She is God’s greatest gift to me, aside from His Son, and a daily reminder of His grace (#10).

Which brings me to the “Thanks” part of Thanksgiving. Thankfulness is a personal thing. By that I mean you thank someone or, better yet, Someone. Thanking “lucky stars” or good fortune is meaningless. You thank people who have done good to you, and you can offend them by being ungrateful, ignoring or denying the gift. It doesn’t make sense to say “thanks” if you think blind chance or impersonal luck has led to your favorable outcome.

Thanksgiving originated with Pilgrims sharing a meal with their native hosts and giving thanks to God for bringing them through safely. Lisa and I join them in thanking Him for all of these blessings recounted above, but most importantly for sending His Son to be the light of the world, and that He has shone in our lives. We pray that we and our children will reflect that Light, and that in this Christmas season many will see and delight in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. And may we be truly thankful.

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