ALI Post-Conference Workshop

Vivien Dai and Marady Hill of Bonfire Communications are presenting a workshop called How to Leverage New Technologies to Drive conversation and Collaboration Within Your Organization. They started with a recap discussion, asking everyone to share the insights and challenges they are taking home from the last two days.Some of the points participants mentioned:

  • Start small
  • Just try it
  • It’s OK to fail and adjust
  • Cut through the fear, particularly of security. People can lead through email or phone, so this is not really a new risk.
  • Set expectations. Not everyone has to participate. Just because not 100 percent of employees will use the tools doesn’t mean they don’t have value for the ones who do.
  • These tools will be key for attracting new talent in a younger generation.
  • Find the promoters and those with the need. Look at what the business need is and how you can solve it, not “I have some shiny tools in search of a problem.”
  • Use Open Source and don’t make it too complicated. Post your need on Craigslist and you can find a developer who will help you solve your problem inexpensively so the ROI hurdle won’t be too high.

OK, everyone…What were your key take-aways from the last two days?