Sacred Social Media

Because of a storm that postponed another presentation I had scheduled for today, I am instead able to meet with a local church group at noon to introduce them to social media and to invite them to think about how to apply the tools in their mission. Here’s the slide deck:

This one should be fun; I always introduce my 35 Social Media Theses with reference to Martin Luther and his 95 Theses, so it will be nice being in a Lutheran church, where the analogy should be particularly meaningful.

Note: If the slideshow above doesn’t go all the way to the 72nd slide, you can view the rest here.

Thanksgiving Reflections 2008

As I noted two years ago in Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful, and to Whom, my performance in composing annual Christmas letters was spotty in the B.B. (Before Blog) era. Doing a family newsletter was such a production that procrastination (and eventually abject failure) was the most frequent outcome.

But that all changed in 2006, and I followed it up last year with another compilation (though that one was in December, on my daughter Rachel’s first wedding anniversary).

My new tradition is not only to beat what was formerly the Christmas snail mail crush, but to have my year-in-review distributed before the Black Friday sales have even begun.

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