Blogging 122: Being a WordPress Blog Contributor

This post is a companion to Blogging 119: Managing Multiple Contributors, and is written from the perspective of someone with Contributor-level access to a WordPress or blog.

After your blog administrator has added you as a contributor, you should have a link sent to you where you can sign in.

For WordPress blogs, you can access the dashboard from the front page of the blog by adding /wp-admin/ to the end of the URL. So for SMUG, the dashboard is at:

Alternatively, you may see a link in the sidebar that looks like this.


Click the Log in link, and you will see a screen where you can log in. But I’m getting ahead of myself; watch the video and you’ll see step-by-step how you enter and save your posts as a contributor.


For further information about writing a post, see Blogging 116.