Facebook 130: Facebook Events

The blogging has been light for the past few days for two main reasons:

First, we’re in the middle of volleyball season in Minnesota, and my daughter Rebekah’s team had and all-day tournament last Saturday, a five-game victory Monday night (an away game that was 90 minutes from home) and had another road game last night. You can see the exciting 15-13 Game 5 win over Mankato West in the YouTube video below. Rebekah is the middle hitter who got the final kill that led to the celebration.


And speaking of celebrations, the other limiting factor on my blogging time has been the SMUG Campus Renovation project. It has included cafeteria remodeling (a new kitchen) and a new North Porch on Old Main, creation of a cobblestone campus courtyard and construction of the North Annex.

Much of my spare time over the last few weeks, and all day Wednesday, has been devoted to having the campus renovation completed before this weekend.

Because on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008 we will be holding a dedication and naming ceremony for the North Annex. That and a big family birthday party for Rebekah and her sister, Ruthie, along with some cousins. And a welcoming to Austin of my new granddaughter, Evelyn Grace.

So as I do with much of my life, I’m using this as a way of showing how social media tools, particularly Facebook, can make organizing — “community” or otherwise — easier. I created a Facebook Event in the SMUG group, and I captured its set-up in the video below.


I was interrupted at the end so I didn’t get to finish the screencast, and I’m not sure why the video at the beginning has some black streaks, but here’s the Annex Dedication event in the SMUG Facebook group.

All SMUGgles are invited to the 3 p.m. CDT dedication and naming ceremony on Sunday. While your attendance is by no means mandatory (particularly for those whose presence would require air travel), you’re certainly welcome. And if you can’t come, you’ll be able to participate virtually as I upload photos and videos to the Facebook event.


Go to the SMUG Annex Dedication event in Facebook and leave your RSVP.