Groundswell Review in Social Media Snippets

SMUGgle Scott Meis, an Associate Professor in SMUG’s Department of Political Science, has a couple of great posts reviewing Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies on his Social Media Snippets blog. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

I had heard one of the authors, Charlene Li, at a Web 2.0 Summit and posted my review of her presentation at that time. I had planned to write a full review after I listened to the audio book on the return flight, but got otherwise occupied.

Thanks for your review, Scott!

Social Media 107: Introduction to Flickr

Jeff Jarvis advises media companies wanting to survive to “focus on what you do best, and link to the rest,” which is why he thinks 15,000 journalists covering the major-party national conventions is a waste.

I’m taking his advice in the SMUG curriculum, and taking advantage of some recent posts from Scott Meis, a SMUGgle from Chicago. Read these posts and you’ll have a solid introduction to Flickr.

Flickr is essentially YouTube for photos, although as Scott points out, you can upload video to Flickr if you have a Pro account.

If you mainly want to share photos only with your friends, Facebook is your best choice. That’s why, according to comScore, it’s the #1 photo-sharing site on the Web.

But if you want your photos to be available to anyone, Flickr is a great site for you.

And as usual for these Core Courses in SMUG, Lee LeFever has a helpful introductory video, Online Photo Sharing in Plain English.


  1. Create a personal Flickr account.
  2. Paste the URL of your Flickr photostream in the comments below. (Scott’s photostream is at

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SMUG Student Spotlights

While we now have 113 SMUG students representing several continents — including Africa (Kenya), Asia (Cambodia, India), Australia/New Zealand, Europe (Spain, UK) and North America (Canada, U.S.) — making Social Media University truly Global, Pam Larson is the student who lives closest to our physical campus.

Yesterday as our family prepared to leave for vacation I took a few moments to interview Pam about her SMUG experience, what she’s learning and how she’s applying it with her blog.


Pam also is one of the many SMUG students who have gotten “the Flip” video camera. With her son getting married in a couple of weeks, she’s been busy and has gotte a bit behind on her SMUG homework, but she’ll be catching up soon with the Podcasting curriculum.

Another student who has gotten into the act personally is Scott Meis. He has worked with Donate Life Illinois using social media to encourage organ donation, but now has started his own blog.

I’d love to do profiles of other SMUG students, so if you send me links to some of your social media projects (and maybe upload a video to YouTube with your story of how you got involved in social media and what you hope to accomplish, that I can embed in a post about you), it would be fun to call attention to some of your practical applications.