Get apps to track progress and support your health journey

I have found the following apps helpful in encouraging and supporting the health changes I’ve made over the last few years.

As you’re starting the #BodyBabySteps, you might want to download these. All of them are free, though most have premium offerings as well.

I’ve supplanted some of them with apps related to devices and gadgets I’ve purchased, but I’ll introduce those in later posts.

For now, we’re starting with the basics.

  • Health, from Apple. This comes with iOS, and Google Play has a comparable offering for Android.
  • Fitness, also from Apple. This integrates fitness-related data from various apps and devices, and particularly from my Apple Watch.
  • Weight Gurus. This app supports my bluetooth scale, as I described previously.
  • Strong. I use this to track my resistance training. If you’re not doing weightlifting yet, you can wait to get this one. That’s #BodyBabyStep Seven.
  • Map My Run. This likewise supports the cardio side of #BodyBabyStep Seven with versions for iOS and Android.
  • Sleep Cycle. You just set your phone on the nightstand, and it has a smart alarm. Instead of a definite time, it looks for a time close to your target when you are in a light sleep stage. That’s better than being jarred out of a deep sleep.
  • Zero. This is my fasting app. #BodyBabySteps Four and Five relate to the timing of your meals so you don’t need this right away, but I’d recommend getting it.

What other health-related apps have been helpful for you?

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