SMUG Diversity – Extra Credit Weekend Assignment

As described in Salon, Stuff White People Like is

a satirical blog about a particular segment of Caucasian culture. It’s like an extended “you might be a redneck if” joke recast for a more upscale set. It gently mocks the habits and pretensions of urbane, educated, left-leaning whites, skewering their passion for Barack Obama and public transportation (as long as it’s not a bus), their idle threats to move to Canada, and joy in playing children’s games as adults. Kickball, anyone?

I first became aware of this site about a week ago (which is further evidence of my non-whiteness, at least according to Mr. Lander’s criteria), when people at work started sending me “Have you seen this?” notes regarding this post announcing the Stuff White People Like Facebook application.

I don’t know what would be the basis for calling the Mayo network the whitest on Facebook — whether it’s the number of installs of the application, or the scores of those who take the “whiteness” test. I’m just glad that I’m helping to bring diversity to Mayo. 😉 I did get whiteness points for liking Apple products, however.

That got me thinking: How diverse is the student body at SMUG? Among the 123 current members of the SMUG Facebook group, I know we have at least 10 countries on five continents represented. So I’ve come up with a just-for-fun weekend assignment for SMUG students. It’s completely optional, but then again all of our coursework is completely optional.


  1. If you haven’t already done it, Enroll in SMUG and be sure to join our Facebook group. This is your chance for a free education in practical use of social media in your business or other organization.
  2. Visit the Stuff White People Like Facebook application and take the “Whiteness Test.”
  3. Enter your score and whiteness percentage in the comments below.