Another Reason I Love My iPhone

My Dad just got a Garmin GPS and is amazed at how great it is.

I just traveled to North Carolina and used the Map program with Location Services enabled to provide the same functionality.

It illustrates how the iPhone has some limitations, but still has amazing versatility.

Unlike the Garmin, the iPhone map program doesn’t give audible turn-by-turn directions. It also is somewhat less precise, in that it sometimes had my current location mapped to the other side of the interstate.

But the GPS functionality comes at no extra cost, while the Garmin obviously involves extra expense. And you don’t need to remember to move the iphone from one car to another since it’s always with you.

Likewise, the iphone camera doesn’t have 8 megapixel resolution, but it’s really functional and beats carrying an extra device.

And being able to write blog posts (including photos) during a 3-hour airport layover is an extra bonus.

It’s like buying a computer instead of an xbox or PS3. The dedicated consoles have higher performance in their narrow applications, but they’re less versatile.

I’m a big fan of versatility.