Day 11: Zhenjiang Riverside Hospital Group

I’m playing a bit of catch-up in chronicling our journeys, as it is now Saturday morning in China and we’re on the last of four consecutive days of presentations. As I write this we’re in a VW van, driving from Nantong to Lianyungang, where we will do our final lectures of the trip this afternoon. It’s about a 3-hour drive, so I’m taking advantage of my mobile hotspot and enjoying the scenery as I write.

On Thursday our stop was at Zhenjiang Riverside Hospital Group, and we stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel which is right across the street from the Yangtze River. This was our last multiple-night hotel, as we drove to Zhenjiang after our dinner with the Nanking Drum Tower Hospital leaders.

Name in LightsThe hospital in Zhenjiang gave us a warm welcome, as has been the case at all of the hospitals in China, but this was the first time we had our name in lights.

After a brief discussion with the hospital leaders we gathered for the customary group photo.


Dog ChairAfter our lecture we went to a different hotel for our formal dinner, where one of the chairs in our banquet room was quite interesting. Each of the arms was in the shape of a greyhound, with the dog on one side laying down while the other was sitting up.

While many of the dinners have used the rotating inner circle table to deliver the food, this time we had a plated dinner, with many different plates and bowls brought to us. The presentation of the food was elegant:

Food presentation

The let’s-see-if-we-can-gross-out-the-American offering for the day was snake soup. I’m sure my daughter Rebekah will be horrified, but I did eat it.


We also had shrimp from the Yangtze River:


The next morning Wen Feng and I got up early for a run on the banks of the Yangtze…


…but because of rain we had to cut it short and finish our workout on the treadmill in the hotel.


Another great day in China.