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From this morning’s Star Tribune:

In a move it hopes will change the morning drive-time habits of public radio listeners nationwide, Minneapolis-based Public Radio International (PRI) has teamed up with a roster of other media providers to develop a live national news program that would compete with National Public Radio’s venerable “Morning Edition” show.
PRI and its partner, WNYC, New York Public Radio, will produce the show in collaboration with the BBC World Service, New York Times Radio and WGBH, the Boston public radio station. The show will launch as an interactive multiplatform program, inviting radio and online listeners’ participation, the partners said.

Meanwhile, NPR is launching its own new competitor to “Morning Edition”:
“We’re actually developing our own program to compete with ‘Morning Edition,’ ” said Andi Sporkin, NPR’s vice president for communications. She said a show aimed at a slightly younger audience — 25 to 44 — will debut in September, launched simultaneously on radio, online, high-definition radio via satellite and podcasts.

So, between the two public radio organizations, we’re seeing multiplatform delivery from both and high involvement from listeners (at least in the PRI program). Clearly, they’re not going to just be doing radio; they’ll be incorporating photos and video on the web, and are trying to build deeper relationships and develop community.

Just another sign of all the media converging (note the PRI partners); and because radio and print organizations don’t carry the same psychic baggage about video that TV stations do, they may actually do online video better.

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