Upcoming Presentations

In the next few weeks I’ll be presenting at some conferences, of both the audio and full-body/multimedia varieties:

  • Wednesday, March 28 (tomorrow) I’m one of four presenters in a Healthcare Intelligence Network audio conference entitled Healthcare for the New Generations: Understanding and Engaging Generation “Xers” and “Yers” Through Tailored Products and Channels
  • During the second week of April I’ll be at this conference in Chicago, the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media Summit. I presented at a similar conference last October in San Francisco, and found it well-run and highly informative.
  • In late April, a colleague and I will be in Orlando for the Forum for Healthcare Strategists’ Twelfth National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies (PDF).
  • I enjoy presenting at and participating in these seminars and conferences because they’re a lot like the blogosphere, with threads of conversation, various points of view, and people chiming in and contributing to the shared knowledge. I always learn a lot that I can apply in my work.

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Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

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