7 Steps to Web Metrics Success

Kristine Kelley from Motorola facilitated this session, entitled “Metrics Framework for the Web and Interactive Marketing: How to Successfully Build/Deploy/Execute”

The goals for our session were to develop:

  1. An approach to determine key metrics and KPIs
  2. A process to define, capture and manage metrics taxonomy and reporting
  3. A governance model to support metrics framework

While others are B to B or B to C, we at Mayo Clinic are B to P (Patients), so that’s kind of a blend between the two. Kristine is concerned with measuring both B to C (buy that cell phone now) and B to B (with longer sales cycles, which make it harder to get the direct ROI from the web site.)

Here’s a synthesis of all of the breakout groups (and if I left important things out, please chime in:)

  1. Identify “Owner” of the project and what they want to accomplish.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. Define success and identify the steps involved in getting to the successful end.
  3. Identify Stakeholders within the company and an ambassador for each stakeholder group.
  4. Identify the universe of what could be measured (likely through a survey of each stakeholder group). Also define each measure so all stakeholders understand what each measure means and does not mean so they can judge relevance.
  5. Map the possible indications against the strategic goals and determine which ones are critical success factors. How meaningful is each particular measure in contributing to the overall goal.
  6. Measure against current sales and web data and benchmark against competitors.
  7. Establish a governance board for the measurement project that reports back up through the organization’s leadership to ensure that the data are collected and that the initiative has staying power.

John Kendig from VWR International also schooled me a bit on the high-level performance indicators for web marketing sites:

Clicks – how many people visit your site
Conversion – How many people buy something
Spend – How much do they spend

Typically, increasing any of those three factors leads to stronger sales, so you want to look for metrics related to these three categories if you are in the BtoC web marketing world.

As someone who spends most of my time in media relations and new media, this discussion was very helpful to me. Thanks to Kristine for facilitating!

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