Facebook: The Spam Killer

Facebook Spam killer

Some people love the canned meat produced in my hometown, but no one like its electronic namesake.

USA Today reports, well, today that the email spammers have developed a new trick in their mission to overwhelm and annoy us with their marketing messages, taking advantage of the formerly trustworthy PDF.

This is yet another reason why Facebook’s “astonishing” growth rate will continue. It enables people to create an alternate universe in which email spam ceases to exist.

If someone spams you in Facebook, you can “block” him, which is the opposite of poking. It says, “I never want to hear from you again. I don’t want you to search for me, or message me, or anything.”

This creates a powerful incentive for civility within Facebook. And it also enables Facebook users to get away from generic email and into a world in which nearly every message is a wanted message.

Like the federal “do not call” list that has made it possible for families to eat in peace without calls from telemarketers, Facebook’s system can enable you to get rid of much of the annoyance of junk email. And no anti-spam federal legislation was required.

This is one reason why college students don’t use email much. They mainly have it to sign up for Facebook, and to communicate electronically with old people. Jeremiah has a good discussion of Facebook supplanting email here.

This is another reason why Facebook will not only become acceptable for B2B communication, but will, I believe, become the preferred means for people to connect professionally without the clutter of generic Viagra ads.

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Author: Lee Aase

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