Free WiFi at Airports

free wifi at airports
In a previous post, I commended the Las Vegas airport for offering free wifi for its patrons, and also alluded to Rochester, Minn. providing the same. Today I’m in the Jacksonville, Fla. airport where the wireless internet also is free. Good deal!

That got me to thinking that there must be a directory on the internet someplace that has a listing of airports where the wifi is free. Sure enough, here is the free wifi at airports directory.

You might want to bookmark that page for when you are traveling, because this makes it a lot more convenient to get to the airport in plenty of time to get through TSA. With free wifi, you can arrive early and then continue working (or updating FacebookI couldn’t break my string of mentioning Facebook at least once in every post.)

This becomes a GTD tip, too. It extends the range of places where your “@ Online” context is valid.

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Author: Lee Aase

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  1. The lack of free wifi in airports drives me crazy. I had a trip a couple of weeks ago that went Indianapolis > Charlotte, NC > Raleigh-Durham, NC > Newark, NJ on the way there and Newark > DC > Indy on the way back, and only one of those airports — Charlotte — had free wifi. The lack of wifi in Newark was particularly irksome, since it’s simultaneous one of the most busy airports in the world (= lots of $ for paying for wifi) and one of the most boring.

    Charlotte’s airport is wonderful by the way.

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