Mayo Clinic Study In Neurology

Here are links to some of the most prominent stories done in the last 24 hours on this research study on ovary removal and risk of neurologic conditions, which was led by Dr. Walter Rocca, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic:

TIME magazine

Here is the Associated Press story as it appears in the Washington Post and in USA Today.

Yahoo News has a video of the NBC News Channel story, which ran not only throughout the U.S. but also, as you will see, in Australia.

A story on the Ivanhoe newswire

The HealthDay newswire story as it appears on

The Bloomberg News wire story

The BBC News story

The Reuters Health news story

Here is the ScienceDaily story, which was adapted from the news release.

This is just a sampling; Google News currently shows 167 total articles. But it does reflect some of the breadth of coverage this study received.

Mayo Clinic Study in Neurology

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