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Late last month I got a nice note from Lisa Junker, editor of Associations Now, the magazine of the American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership. She said…

We’re putting together a special supplement to our magazine on social media, and when I came across your 12-step social media program post, I thought it could be a great match for our supplement (and our audience), if you’d be interested in allowing me to reprint the post.

What I’d like to do is reprint your post, edited somewhat for space, on the back page of our social media supplement. I think the humor and common-sense ideas you share in this particular post would be a great way to encourage our readers who haven’t dipped their toes in the social-media pool yet to do so. I would send the edited version to you for approval before publication, of course.

In case you’re not familiar with ASAE & The Center, we’re a membership organization representing 22,000 association executives and professionals—individuals who work for associations ranging from the largest and best-known, like AARP and NRA, to the less-well-known, like the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Associations Now is our flagship publication, and this supplement will be mailed to all ASAE & The Center members along with our November issue.

I was honored, of course, and was delighted to have Lisa edit and improve my post. It’s flattering to have someone say they think your writing is worth the paper they want to print it on. And everyone needs an editor. Especially when you have a blog that gives you unlimited space to keep going, and going, and going…

I understand Associations Now is starting to hit the mailboxes, so I wanted to share a few links with any of Lisa’s readers who are interested in further exploring social media. Here’s the full version of my 12-Step Social Media Program. I also would recommend the Facebook Business page. Check out It’s All Free to explore how you can get involved with social media without support from your IT department and without paying a penny. Everything you see here on this blog is absolutely free: I haven’t spent a penny for it.

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I would appreciate any comments or ideas, and look forward to having you join the social media conversation.

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