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My employer has opened its first Mayo Express Care facility in Rochester, Minn. It’s intended to serve patients with conditions that need prompt attention but that don’t need emergency department care. You can read a bit more about the service here, but thanks to YouTube you can take a tour of the new facility.


The business blogger for the Rochester Post-Bulletin, Jeff Kiger, posted this video on his blog last Friday. That’s really the only promotion of the video we’ve done, and it has had about 600 views so far on YouTube. (It got a lot more views on our intranet.) So the YouTube experiment has been interesting.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn had written about this new service on her Health Populi blog when the story first ran in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in November. She’s been a health care consultant for 20 years and has some interesting perspectives.

Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

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  1. Care Staff really sucks in the UK THEY go round making paitents in care ill via restraining them from getting a real place of own away from care and drag around town by the arm into Shops without buying anything on purpose to make the paitent of theirs tired (not an option) and then Staff give them more medication and life worse.

    They I mean the Care Staff say it’s independence you can have independence in care no it’s not independence in care. Care Staff don’t know what independence is. Care Staff don’t know what health conditions are nor know a health condition when they see it and they call themselves Care Staff ha! they don’t know a residents right in care or what a “TRACHEOTOMY” “ASTHMA” and things like that is.

    It’s all over the News on Television about Care Staff been murderers and one Care Staff been a pedophile in Jersey in killings well that says it all to me.

    It is Care Staff that are dangerous and ill to me. Not those that are disabled with disabilities cause those with disabilities that are disabled are harmless from my point of view cause their unable to move nor pick things up that are dangerous nor people that are really disabled in legs arms and mind and health can’t communicate.

    Care Staff are ignorent and stubbern by my reckoning. From what I’ve seen on the News and in my area about Care Staff doing that to some of us that’s enough for me to believe it.

    Once your in care that’s it there’s no real life nor future for you away from care they keep promising they’ll let you leave and get place of own away from care then when that day comes Care Staff don’t let you. Wouldn’t go into care if I was you. And Care Staff play with your mind in care when they try to make it out as though your got more illnesses than you have just to make you stay in care and Staff in care use it against your family too when they try to make you beleive your putting seeds into paitents head when your trying to help him/her get a place of own away from care. That’s not right what Care Staff do. Their in the wrong and Care Staff know that then why do they do it?

    That story line is even on Coronation Street ITV1 Television about Social Services been like that all over and Care Staff are just the same all over. Check it out your selfs on RealPlayer or ITV1 on Saturdays.

    Care Staff will say it’s your imagination it’s not my imagination.

    So it is true.

    If you don’t believe me then take a look at the News that’s real enough.

    STOP CARE STAFF doing that before it happens again or to any of us in the future cause that’s our future when we get really old beyond 60 if we can’t find our selfs coping when we’re old like OAPs whether you like it or not.


    This message ain’t coming from care nor Care Staff.

    Don’t worry Care Staff won’t be on the Internet nor with those with health conditions on here the Internet is mental to them.

    Good luck to those who are going into care for the first time, your going to need it.

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