5 thoughts on “UST PRSSA”

  1. Thanks, Lee, for taking the time to talk to our group, and for answering our questions online. You also were very persuasive – I’ve added a flip video camera to my Christmas list.

    Betsy Anderson, PRSSA Advisor

  2. You’re welcome, Betsy. It was great meeting you and the members of the group, and I hope what I had to share was helpful. You’re going to love the Flip!

  3. Wow you are not kidding around with updating your blog! Thanks again for coming in and opening our eyes to the exciting new world of social media. I was interested to hear how online tools are not just “kids play” but rather have real and effective uses in the PR/Communication world.

  4. That’s the power of the iPhone…letting me have a post done by the time I left the session.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you’ll dive in and get some hands-on experience.

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