Andy Knows Word of Mouth

Andy Sernovitz from the Blog Council understands word of mouth better than almost anyone in business today.

He recently sent a gift to say thanks for participating in BlogWell. He knows that if you send someone a pound of candy, they’re likely to appreciate it. If you send two pounds, they’ll tell their office mates and share the candy.

But if you send a three-pound bag of M&M’s they’ll do a blog post with a photo.

Or at least I will.

Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

One thought on “Andy Knows Word of Mouth”

  1. Hmm, seems Blogwell and chocolate go together. Didn’t they give all of us attendees a huge bar of the stuff? Maybe there is a connection between Social media and chocolate… who wants to investigate that one?

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