30 thoughts on “Choosing a SMUG Seal”

  1. Great work! I like #2 – although it may be tough reproduce on the official SMUG wearables collection…

  2. Logos have to work in a 1 inch format. #1 represents the concept in a clean, professional manner. I would replace 2008 with “SMUG” under the monitor in the center. Or, did you consider adding the hyphens in the name and .org to direct people to the website?

  3. I love 2, but will have to vote for 4 since it had greater potiental to stand the tests of time as well as look great in black and white.

  4. To me, the choice is #1 HANDS DOWN! Sleek, modern and simple, yet highly communicative and professional. Number 2 is overly literal, overly complex and would require herculean effort (especially #2) to reproduce (not to mention licensing agreements!) Number 3 is overly ornate, with its swirls and overly formal font choice (This is not Harvard! And, SMUG’s inception was 2008, not 1808). I do like choice number 4 a lot, the colors are vibrant and the illustration is ,modern. Moreover, the logo definitely has ability to be simplified into logo vs. brand name, but for most purposes, I like to see the full emblem utilized. Therefore #1 is the winner!

  5. I think #2 is WAY too busy and hard to read … not clean enough visually, and won’t reproduce in a small size. #4 made me smile, and it’s simple and easy to “get.”

  6. Lee.. number 4 is clean, simple and memorable and will translate well in other graphic designs including embroidery (sp?)

    I like number 2 for many reasons…but it fails the simplicity test (IMHO.)

  7. If #1 were a little friendlier (maybe colors of #4) I would have voted for it because of it’s simplicity and concept.

    My vote is for # 4.

  8. I realise I’m an oddball on this one, but I say number 3 with some slightly revised type work. I like the fact that it’s not so literal but it still illustrates circles of communication. It’s very simple and works well in one color (also a basic requirement for a good logo).

    A more modern font and a slightly lighter outline would change the look from “renaissance” to hip, though in general, when you think of a “seal” you think of Olde World style, so I think the designer was right-on with the concept.

  9. I would definitely go with SMUG Seal #1 or #4 – both are visually clean, crisp and memorable. In some ways I like #1 better because it is very classic, but if i have to choose I will go with #4 , which I think would also be a great clothing logo.

  10. Love both #1 and #4, it was hard to choose one above the other. No. 4 is classic and caught my attention immediately!

  11. I think #4 has better color and looks more modern than #1. If #1 had a less drab color scheme than I’d like it.

  12. I definately was drawn to Number 4…it is simple, powerful, modern and well designed…..just what a logo should be!

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