Is SMUG on your first page of Google results for smug?

When I tell people how to find SMUG, I usually tell them to search for Lee Aase in Google, or alternatively SMUG U. When you do that, SMUG shows up as the top search result.

Previously, when I just searched for SMUG, our beloved university seemed to show up on the third or fourth page of Google results which, as you all know, is pretty worthless. Between SmugMug and various Macintosh User Groups, we were far from the first page.

So last night I was surprised to see this when I entered the term smug in Google (click to enlarge):


So in my results (I wasn’t logged into Gmail, so hopefully it wasn’t just a case of Google relating the search to me), Social Media University, Global (SMUG) showed up in position #7.

I’d like your help with this. What position does this university have in your Google results for smug? First page? If so, what position?

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